Sunday, December 27, 2009

Foods to avoid while breastfeeding

Dalam entry bulan lepas bertajuk menyusu dan ubat, I ada tulis tentang pengambilan ubat oleh ibu yang sedang menyusu tidak menjejaskan bayi yang disusu kerana kuantiti ubat yang ada dalam susu itu tidak boleh memudaratkan. Tapi I jugak tulis yang I tak tau pasal kebenaran pantang memakan benda2 "berangin" seperti teh tu. Masa dok baca2 artikel breastfeeding, luckily I found the facts, lets share the infos...

Strongly flavored foods may change the taste of our milk and most babies seem to enjoy a variety of breastmilk flavors! Occasionally a baby will be fussy at the breast or gassy after we eat a particular food. If we notice a pattern, avoid that food for a few days and to test whether that food really was the cause, reintroduce it once and see if there's an effect. Mothers report that most babies most often object to chocolate, spices(cinnamon, chili pepper, curry, garlic), citrus fruits and juices(orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, strawberry, kiwifruit, pineapple), gassy veggies(onion, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, pepper) and fruits with laxative effect(cherry, prune).

A daily cup or 2 of coffee is fine, but too much caffeine can interfere with our baby's sleep or make him fussy. Caffeine is also found in teas, sodas and medicines.

If our exclusively breastfed baby has any allergy symptoms(eczema, fussiness, congestion, diarrhea), they may be caused by the foods that we eat. The most common culprits include cows' milk products, soy, wheat, egg, nuts and corn. It's hard to figure out the exact cause but it's usually something we've eaten 2 to 6hours before feeding.

All this while, I never care much about what I eat but now I think I should monitor my foods closely. Rasa macam Raziqh kurang selesa dengan what I've been eaten. As for all my diets, I memang amalkan kesederhanaan, suka macammana sekalipun, I'll ensure that I won't eat too much of the certain foods.

Bercakap soal foods to avoid while breastfeeding ni, pada pendapat I, bukanlah tak boleh makan langsung benda2 tu tapi kita perlu bersederhana, jangan melampau2 hingga menjejaskan "rasa" breastmilk tu apalagi "menyusahkan" baby kita(allergy, kembung perut dll), which at the end menyusahkan diri kita jugak, hehe...

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