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How do I wean?

I read this article long time ago, siap bookmark lagi kat favorites, konon2 one day nanti bila dah tiba masanya boleh laa nak refer balik. Cet, I don't have to do anything, my baby chose to wean at around 16months old all by himself...

Since I don't need this article in my favorites lists anymore, before I delete it, let me put it here...
Along with the choice to breastfeed, the choice to stop is a personal one. If we feel the time is right to wean, then it is. Only we can decide what to do in our particular situation. Tapi selalunya kita dengar kebanyakan ibu memilih untuk wean bila baby tu dah nak masuk 2tahun laa kan, walaupun ada je ibu2 yang terus menyusu, golongan ni I tabik laa... Dalam islam, penyusuan selama 2tahun tu adalah saranan, bukanlah sesuatu yang wajib. Menyusu itu sendiri adalah pilihan, tak digariskan sebagai wajib pun(walaupun ada ulama meletakkan hukum menyusu sebagai wajib), berhenti menyusu sebelum usia anak 2tahun jugak tak salah, malah menyambung penyusuan selepas anak sudah 2tahun pun tak berdosa! Apalagi islam membenarkan tandem nursing(menyusu ketika hamil atau lebih dari seorang anak pada satu masa). Cuma pandangan masyarakat kita sajalah kan, memandang semua ni dari sudut yang negatif...

I memang rasa bersalah, tertekan, sedih dan kecewa bila "tersedar" yang Rafiqh memilih untuk stop bf-ing secepat ni. Perasaan2 tu tak ada kena mengena dengan sesiapa pun, tapi ianya runtunan hati setiap ibu, bukan senang nak memilih untuk wean apatah lagi kalau si anak tak bersedia, but in my case I pulak yang seolah2 tak bersedia. Sejak I pregnant 2nd baby ni, mak dah lama suruh wean-kan Rafiqh, tapi setiap kali cakap hal tu I akan mengelak, sedih tau bila difikirkan. Mujurlah sebelum tu I dah mula introduced freshmilk kat dia, walaupun dalam versi main2 cause actually I nak top up je sementara tunggu my breasts kembali pulih, just to make sure he got enough calcium and etc., tak sangkalah pulak ini kesudahannya. No, I don't think the freshmilk is the main reason he wanted to wean. Even until now, he can't drink the plain milk, must add some cocoa powder to adjust the taste. May be he still compare the taste with breastmilk(bm), ermmm may be...

Pakar laktasi berpendapat, when a pregnancy in the 2nd trimester, the taste of the bm will change so that in certain case the children will reject the bm themselves.

What does it mean to have weaned a child?
Weaning, when it's the mother's idea, usually requires a lot of patience and can take time, depending on your baby or toddler's age and how well and how quickly your child adjusts. The experience is different for everyone.

Weaning is a long goodbye - emotional, sometimes painful, and freeing at the same time. But weaning needn't signal an end to the intimacy you and your child have established through breastfeeding. It just means you have to replace breastfeeding with other nourishment and nurturing activities. If you've often nursed your child for comfort, find other ways to make him feel better. Read a book or sing a song together or play outside instead.

As for Rafiqh, he MUST breastfeeding before he could sleep. But once he decided to wean, he learns to be more independent, now he could sleep by himself, kadang2 sayu hati ni tengok dia tertidur, how strong a small baby could be to change his "routine", nampak mudah tapi sebenarnya ianya sesuatu yang sukar...

When should I start weaning?
You're the best judge of when it's time to wean, and you don't have to set a deadline unless you and your child are ready to do so. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mothers breastfeed their babies for at least a year. Despite what friends, relatives, or even strangers may say, there's no right or wrong time to wean. If you feel it's the right time, then it is.

How do I wean?
Proceed slowly, regardless of the age of your child. Experts advise that you not abruptly withhold your breast, which can be traumatic. A weekend away from your baby or toddler with your husband, for example, is not a good way to end the breastfeeding relationship. Try these methods instead:

- Skip a feeding
Skip a feeding and see what happens. Offer a cup or bottle of milk instead. As a substitute you can use your own pumped milk, formula or cows' milk (if your child is at least a year old). If you reduce feedings one at a time over a period of weeks your child will have time to adjust to the changes. Your milk supply will also diminish, without leaving your breasts engorged or giving you mastitis, a breast infection.

- Shorten nursing time
Start by cutting the length of time your child is actually on the breast. If he usually nurses for five minutes, try three. Depending on his age, follow the feeding with a healthy snack such as unsweetened applesauce or a cup of milk or formula. (Note, however, that babies younger than 6 months may not be ready for solids.) Bedtime feedings may be harder to curb — they're usually the last to go.

- Postpone and distract
Try postponing feedings if you're only nursing a couple of times a day. This method works well if you have an older child you can reason with. If your child asks for the breast, say you'll feed him later and distract him. Instead of nursing in the early evening, you could tell him to wait until bedtime.

What to do when weaning becomes a struggle
If you've tried everything to wean your child and nothing is working, maybe the time isn't right. Have you recently gone back to work? Your child may still be adjusting to this new development. Has your child been sick? Often babies who are not feeling well will want to nurse more often — in fact, breastfeeding may be in a sick child's best interest.Has your household gone through a major life change, such as a move or a divorce? Events such as these will also make weaning more difficult. Even going through a new developmental stage can make it hard to wean. Try again in another month. Sooner or later, it'll happen.

Good luck for those who wish to wean your babies...
Gambatte ne!!!

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