Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bringing up the active kids

As I always mentioned both my 2R are so active and very energetic kids, kalau orang jepun tengok mesti cakap "genki ne(=ceria/sihat ye)", which is I do take it as compliment. It's definitely a good thing to have a healthy, happy, cheeky, cheerful and active child, right?! I should feel so lucky and be thankful for having them, yes I do, alhamdulillah, but still sometimes I can't help myself from being stressed out. Especially at night when I was already exremely tired and completely exhausted but they're still jumping huhahuha and playing around, haa mula laa rasa nak 'meletup'. That's why everynights I always want them to doze off to the lala land as early as possible, mujur jugak laa depa ni jenis yang tidur awal, fuhhhh lega aih. Lepas 2R tidur, sometimes I could spend about an hour for my sweet 'me-time' but most of the times I pun tertidur sama right after they fall asleep *sigh*...

Masa Rafiqh kecik2 dulu, bila tengok keaktifannya tu honestly I was quite worried jugaklah, takut2 dia ni jatuh dalam kategori hiper aktif tapi alhamdulillah he's not. Maybe sebab all of my siblings semua jenis yang tak lasak dan ligat sangat so bila tengok Rafiqh ni sedikit aktif dari biasa, tu yang jadi fikir bukan2 tu. Mak pun dulu selalu kata budak2 ni ada 2kategori - 1 suka merap/meragam(clingy), so dia suka berkepit ja 24/7(my siblings semua jenis ni). 1 lagi jenis yang tak reti dok diam, suka dilepaskan untuk dia bebas bergerak. My kids are in the later category. Sekarang dengan Raziqh I dah tak risau sangat tengok dia meligat, dah get used!

We know that kids tend to have more energy than most adults, so we have to do something active every single day in order to burn their extra energy. So here is my way on how to survive and bring up an incredibly active kids...

- let them wake up early in the morning, selalunya before 7am
- let them(especially Rafiqh) take their nap in the morning, instead of noon or evening
- let them play and play and play, I'll join them for more fun
- my kids love to sing and dance so bila mereka tengah over-active tu I just on-kan their favourite videos
- bring them out to playground or jalan2, even sekadar untuk pusing tawaf supermarket
- monitor their foods intake, especially Rafiqh cause Raziqh masih tak makan sembarangan. I always make sure I cut down sugar intake in his diet, no gula2, no air bergas and no junkfoods
- keep the food chemicals and caffeine down to a minimum, Rafiqh tak minum tea/coffee till he reached 2years, now though it's ok to drink those but still I try to avoid. As we know cocoa pun ada caffeine kan, so make sure dia tak minum more than 5cups cocoa in a day
- encourage them to have their own private play. Memanglah tujuan of having siblings is to play together but sometimes perlu jugak asing2kan mereka bermain, base on keupayaan/minat mereka, contohnya Rafiqh suka melukis so bagi dia 'ruang' melukis dengan aman, hehe
- get Rafiqh to help around the house(read: mengemas toys)
- selepas maghrib, berikan suasana yang releks dan damai kepada mereka sebagai tanda ianya masa untuk 'berehat', next is to put them to sleep... fuhhh what a day...

Cause I have 2 little rangers in my house, hari ni our lunch ialah masak lemak pumpkin with ikan goreng hangus, hahaha... Rentung ikan haku dek terlupa kat dia yang dok dalam kuali, punya kalut melayan itu ini 2R punya kerenah. Ni baru 2orang ikan dah hangus, kalau 5orang, mau terbakar terus dapur tu agaknya...

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