Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommy, what's in your car?

Baru2 ni I ada chat with my friend, a new mommy. She asked me what should she brings when she wants to go out with her baby. I told her that since I'm fully breastfeed, I don't have to bring anything relate to milk(bottle, flusk bla3). Everytime I wish to go out, I just take Rafiqh, my handbag and house+car keys, that's all. Actually, I had put all the necessary items in my car... Since we are now in Japan, we need a car-seat for our child. Even though we have 2 cars, we just use 1 car cause we don't have enough money to buy 2 car-seats, hek, ingat cop duit hapa! So, no need to transfer all the things to another car everytime nak ke mana2...

Let's see what we have in our car...

1. Diaper bag - 5pieces of diapers, baby napkin, blanket, overall/rompers and t-shirt+pant, towel, handkerchief, socks, baby wipes, 2-3pieces of plastic bags(to put dirty/wet clothes or used diaper), a small/mini set of baby lotion, baby bath+shampoo, minyak angin, vicks, minyak zaitun, cotton buds etc.

2. A small pillow - untuk sendal kepala bila dia tidur atas car-seat
3. A multi-purpose mat - for picnic sebagai alas bila dia tidur dll

4. A cushion - I use it when I want to breastfeed Rafiqh, the function is like the nursing pillow

5. A toy's bag - I need the toys cause I always bring him to attend majlis
That's all. Kalau ada sesiapa nak tambah, silakan, silakan...

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